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Posted by on October 23, 2012

Here we are! It’s been a long road… Daniel Cytrynowicz here, owner of LAMP-IN-A-BOX.  A bit of history: In 1998 my wife Maura was looking for a bedside lamp for our first daughter Marcella  (now we have three daughters, ranging in age from 3 to 17) as she walked into a fashionable children’s store. She immediately spotted the lamp: a simple base with a bell-shaped shade covered by silk petals and silk flowers around the bottom. The only problem: we couldn’t afford the $300 price tag. She came home disappointed and described the lamp in detail to me.  Maura is very crafty and talented (she went to art school) so the next day I bought silk flowers, a glue gun and a basic lamp base and a plain white lampshade (from Target) and handed it to her. A beautiful lamp was born, even more beautiful than the original and Maura was very happy.  The wheels in my “entrepreneurial” mind started turning: I paid $25 in materials…everyone who came to our house loved that lamp…

Maura and I had just ended a five-year stint in the fashion business (we had our own label) and were looking for a new venture. We both became very interested in lamps and Maura Daniel Lighting was born after first six months of intense experimentation with all kinds of flowers, petals, glues, etc.

Los Angeles being the Mecca that it is for resources and artisans, we quickly set-up shop (in our garage) making flower shades followed by flower pillows, flower mirrors and other flower and petals objects, such as trays, flash-lights, picture frames and even a flower-covered toilet seat (just kidding). We loved our lamps!

Our first customers were children, furniture and gift stores. We quickly created a following and started showing at gift shows to get more customers. Soon after, we started getting requests for more interesting lamp bases. We went to local flea markets, bought several vintage crystal bases, took them apart, had some of the parts reproduced and came up with a line of crystal vintage bases. Eventually we added chandeliers as Maura Daniel grew slowly and steadily for several years, developing a reputation for quality lighting and great service. We’ve also worked with many designers and decorators, fabricating custom lighting for both residential and the hospitality industries.

2007 rolled in and I was dreaming about a new venture in lighting: a fun, relevant, affordable, well-packaged lamp that would do for lamps what Swatch did for watches. As I started to work on prototypes and develop ideas, the recession hit and Maura Daniel went into survival mode, as thousands of other small businesses did, which slowed down the development of Lamp-In-A-Box. Nevertheless we launched.

Our dream was to create lamps for anyone and everyone across the board, especially those who had never paid attention to lamps! We wanted people to get excited, passionate about owning a lamp and even consider giving one as a gift.  We worked very hard on packaging, making it easier for customers to hand-carry or ship a lamp. Next, we worked on finding the right technology to print and manufacture the shades in-house and on-demand, utilizing resilient materials, state-of-the-art printers and non-fade inks.

From the very launch we started to make our mark. Lamp-In-A-Box is growing steadily and on the way to becoming a household name! Today, we have an incredibly eclectic customer base, including museums, boutiques, record stores, catalogs, coffee shops university stores, concert halls, promotional and gift companies and web sites, among others. We just added 16” swag lamps to our product line (which will be in our site shortly) and we’re extremely proud of our artists, our original designs, our licenses and our first-ever customizable, build-your-own lamp engine and we’re truly and very thankful to all our loyal and happy customers!